Our Capabilities

At DAC Enterprises in Darwin, Northern Territory, our civil engineering experience and capabilities include:

  • Roads and Airstrips
  • Material Haulage
  • Residential and Industrial Subdivisions
  • Barge Landings and Boat Ramps
  • Stormwater and Drainage
  • Sewer and Hydraulic Services
  • Demolition and Dismantling
  • Transport
  • Quarrying

Roads and Airstrips – construction, rehabilitation and maintenance services to private and public enterprise clients for infrastructure and development projects in urban, rural and remote locations.

Materials Haulage – our fleet of prime movers and side tippers has the capacity to handle significant quarry materials haulage projects, as well as complementing the company’s in-house civil construction operations.

Residential and Industrial Subdivisions – provision for all aspects of subdivision works from conceptual analysis, design, engineering, management, coordination through to construction in remote and urban areas.

Barge Landings and Boat Ramps – we have a very resourceful approach to tackling projects in logistically difficult locations and our local knowledge of the harbours and rivers in the Tropical North has provided DAC Enterprises Pty Ltd with the experience necessary to successfully complete marine infrastructure projects.

Stormwater Drainage – DAC Enterprises Pty Ltd has the expertise and local knowledge to deliver sound drainage solutions for subdivision and other civil project works to effectively overcome the extreme climatic conditions created during regular intense rainfall periods that occur over several months of the year in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Sewer and Hydraulic Services – complete project delivery of sewer and hydraulic services for urban and remote communities is a hallmark of our growing company. We have significant experience in constructing sewerage schemes to serve entire communities incorporating gravity mains, access chambers, service connections, pumping stations, overflow storage tanks, rising mains, sewerage lagoons and evaporation ponds. As would be expected, we have similar experience in the area of provision of potable community water supply systems incorporating equipping bores, constructing stainless steel delivery pipe work, rising mains, water storage tanks, and installation of packaged water pressure pumping systems.

Demolition and Dismantling – this facet of DAC Enterprises Pty Ltd’s comprehensive range of civil construction services is steadily gaining prominence and we anticipate progressively increasing our market share in the coming years. We offer a total demolition and/or dismantle and removal service. For projects where demolition work requires the use of explosives and where asbestos removal is necessary, we utilise the expertise of specialist companies with the requisite insurances, licenses, management systems and experience.

Transport – this is a major part of DAC’s core activities.  It carries out works in our internal civil works, carting machines to and from work sites, does haulage in mine sites and to other local construction companies.  Our transport is used extensively to haul products from DAC quarry to purchase of materials.

Quarrying – DAC is a major supplier of decorative stone for landscaping in Darwin residential areas.

DAC produces:

  • Washed sand
  • Screened sand
  • Topsoils and select fill
  • Road gravels
  • Rock aggregates