Recent Projects

DAC Enterprises Pty Ltd has a track record that confirms our ability to successfully complete civil construction projects whatever the environment. Our construction solutions are packaged to meet our clients’ requirements and expectations. Our commitment to quality outcomes and the development of excellent client relationships are key strategies of the company to ensure repeat business and superior project delivery.

A snapshot of recent projects include:

Project: Darwin –  Middle Arm Industrial and Weddell Jenkins Road Transmission Water Main – Contract 1

Client : Department of Infrastructure
Contract Amount : $7.3 Mil
Location : Weddell
Completion date : January 2014
Project description: The works comprise the construction, testing and commissioning of a new transmission watermain along Jenkins Road and Channel Island Road consisting of the following items:

    • DN750 (813mm OD) MSCL water main – approximately 3,300m;
    • DN600 (660mm OD) MSCL water main – approximately 3,400m;
    • DN300 (337mm OD) MSCL water main – approximately 40m;
    • Connections to two flanged DN750 off-takes on existing DN1350 and DN1050 water mains;
    • Connections into an existing DN225 water main and associated relay works;
    • DN450 (508mm OD) MSCL pipework at new booster pump station.
    • Ancillary pipework, off-takes and structures
    • Construct 10 no large reinforced thrust/anchor blocks
    • Construct 150 no welded steel CJ’s/SSJ’s
    • 4 no creek crossings
    • 2000t of dumped rock protection


Project: Percy Court Sewer Pump Station

Client :  Department of Infrastructure
Contract Amount : $2.2 Mil
Location :  Percy Court, Alice Springs
Completion date : May 2013
Project description:  Construction of Percy Ct Sewer Pump Station, and Associated Gravity and Pressure Pipelines

Works undertaken:

Pipeline Construction

    • Construct a 150mm diameter PVC sewer rising main 200m long, including  a 15m thrust bore underneath a road.
    • Construction a 225mm diameter PVC gravity sewer 120m long x 4m deep
    • Construct a 150mm diameter DICL watermain
    • Construct a 450mm diameter PVC sewer 40m long

Sewer Pumpstation Site  Construction

    • Construct a 6.5m deep RC pumpstation
    • Construct 2 no storage tanks with a capacity of 80,000 ltrs
    • Construct a 5m deep collection chamber, and overflow chambers
    • Construct 300mm diameter interconnecting pipework and ventilation system
    • Construct Minor concrete works
    • Construct Gantry and hoist
    • Carry out Electrical and telemetry work
    • Construct access road, hardstand, pavements, and permanent fence



Project: Katherine WSP Stage 2
Katherine Sewage Treatment Plant

Client : Power Water Corporation
Contract Amount : $5.1 Mil
Location : Katherine
Completion date : December 2012
Project description: Bulk earthworks, Concrete Construction Works & Pipe Works to extend existing treatment works

Works undertaken:

    • 110,000 cubic meters of Bulk Earthworks
    • Concrete Structure and Slab Construction
    • Interconnecting Pipe works
    • Various mechanical and electrical works
    • Construction of 10,500m2 of concrete slabs to batters
    • Construction of 9,500m2 of Pavement around Ponds
    • Construction of 80,000m2 of 300mm thick Clay liner to Pond floor
    • Construction of an Elevated Platform


Project: Casey Rd
Bulk Earthworks for 6 lot subdivision Casey St East Arm

Client : Land Development Corporation
Contract Amount : $3 Mil
Location : East Arm NT
Completion date : January 2013
Project description: Bulk earthworks, Concrete Construction Work & Pipe Works

Works undertaken:

    • Load, haul and compact 150,000 cubic meters of fill material to site
    • Install 400m of marine silt curtain to site perimeter for Erosion & Sediment control
    • Construct 450m of 3 in 1 batters to receive rock armour protection
    • Construct 6800m2 of rock armour protection to batters


Project: Tiger Brennan Drive
Rehabilitate Shoulders and Place Rock Protection Along Embankments

Client :  Department of Construction and Infrastructure
Contract Amount : $300 K
Location : Tiger Brennan Drive Darwin
Completion date : July 2011
Project description: Remedial works to protect road batter formation from erosion by storm water runoff and tidal influence with the placement of Geotextile Fabric and Armour Rock Placement

Works undertaken:

    • Rehabilitation, compaction and trimming of existing road batter slopes
    • Placement of Geotextile Fabric to batter slopes
    • Manufacture, Load, Haul and Place Armour Rock protection to batter slopes
    • Rehabilitation to existing road shoulders
    • Construction of a cast in situ reinforced concrete margin to limit erosion of road shoulders
    • Bitumen sealing works

This project was carried out along one of the main arterial roads to Darwin’s CBD and was implemented under full and uninterrupted traffic flow. This was successfully achieved by the design, documentation and implementation of an approved traffic control program. Delivery of armour rock to the site was carried out by the use of Road Train Side Tippers operating in this urban environment under strict traffic control guidelines.

The project was bounded by an environmentally sensitive urban mangrove stand with strict guideline and work area limitations imposed by the client to protect this fragile eco system. The tidal flows also placed limited time frames on work schedules. Despite these rigid environmental and site conditions the project was completed with nil incidents and within the project time lines.


Project: Darwin Business Park

Client : Land Development Corporation
Contract Amount : $21m
Location : East Arm Darwin
Completion Date : December 2011
Project Description : Construction of a 20 lot industrial subdivision.

Works Included:

    • Clear and Mulch 60 HA
    • Drill and Blast 200,000 BCM
    • Load and haul from site 1.3 M Tonne of fill material
    • Reclamation of 40 HA Mangrove Swamp to form future subdivision lots
    • Supply and installation of 6.95 KM of reinforced concrete storm water pipes and structures
    • Construction of 1.5 KM of roads including Asphalt Sealing
    • Installation of 2.5 KM of High Voltage power lines and 2.7 KM low voltage reticulation lines
    • Underground directional drilling under three main arterial roads for the installation of new services
    • Supply and installation of 1.8 KM of water mains and lot connections
    • Construction of a 7M deep X 3.6M diameter  reinforced concrete sewerage pumping station with full telemetry control system for remote monitoring
    • Construction of sewer rising mains
    • Construction of gravity sewerage system consisting  of 2.1 KM deep sewer and associated structures
    • Installation of 1.8 KM security fencing
    • Construction of a 400 M long by 10 M wide reinforced concrete lined storm water drain
    • Landscaping and irrigation to 4 HA of road verges

Strict environmental guidelines were adhered to throughout the project duration as the project was located adjacent to the Darwin Harbour Foreshore Mangrove areas.

Together with this, some drainage structures were subject to tidal influence and therefore great care was required to prevent sediment and other contaminates entering the waterways feeding into Darwin Harbour.

Major earthworks were required to be carried out over a large area of the project with some heights of cut exceeding 10 M in depth. The material was unable to be free dug with conventional equipment so a Drill and Blast program was involved taking into account the close proximity to existing major commercial developments adjacent to the project. A total of 200,000 BCM of Drilling and Blasting was successfully carried out without incident during this operation. All blasting works were recorded with Video surveillance and state of the art shock wave monitoring equipment was implemented to confirm all blasts conformed to statutory regulations.